You hired a “yes maam/sir” Real Estate Agent

You like to make others sweat – Selling a home isn’t an all out, beat down the other party event. It’s more about being amicable. Play nice. After you sell your home, you can go back to making others sweat.

You hired a “yes maam/sir” Real Estate Agent – You should expect direction and expertise from your Real Estate Agent. An Agent agreeing with everything you say isn’t showing you any value. Now is not the time to have a “yes maam/sir” on your side. Sure you need someone fighting for you but it must come with Real Estate expertise to guide you, otherwise, why do you need them?!

You didn’t declutter your home – Decluttering a home means to remove the excess, the overflowing and the things that take away from the beautiful bones of your home. This means bare Kitchen and Bathroom counter tops. In the Kitchen we could see a Coffee or Tea pot. If you’re a morning toast person, you can keep the Toaster out, otherwise hide it away. In your Bathrooms, remove all toiletries and keep out only a few decorative items. Overstuffed closets is a no-no too. Pack and put in storage if you have to, in order to free up space in your home. No Buyer wants to see a home that’s stuffed to the brim, as it clearly screams that it wouldn’t accommodate their belongings.

You didn’t stage your home – Staging a home isn’t always about having to hire a professional Stager as you can accomplish this if your Real Estate Agent knows how to make your home feel. The rooms in your home need to portray a clear visible use and focal point. Make sure that the furniture layout flows nicely and that you appeal to the Buyer’s senses.

Your home wasn’t priced right – This is usually the #1 mistake made in selling a home. The price was wrong. Price your home right and you’ll find Buyers lining up at the front door to get in to see your home.

You listened to your neighbors, friends and family about how you should price your home for sale – Would you visit an Orthopedic Doctor when you had heart palpitations? You may even have to visit a Cardiologist for stress after listening to your neighbors, friends and family about how to price your home for sale. Instead seek the advice of a trusted Real Estate professional, always.

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You didn’t keep your home clean and neat – It’s time to bring out the neat and clean freak in you when selling a home. Keeping your home neat, orderly and smelling clean speaks volumes to Buyers as they wander through your home. It tells them that you care for your home and a cared for home brings in top dollars from Buyers.

You didn’t keep your home light and bright– Light and bright makes everything look so much better. Blinds drawn, lights not turned on and light bulbs burnt out do not elicit welcoming thoughts.

You didn’t remove the “You” from your home – Seeing “You” when Buyers walk into your home make it difficult for them to see themselves living in your home. It’s a gift to be able to see beyond the “You” and most Buyers do not possess that gift. Make it easy for them and remove your extremely personal touches such as rows of family photos and your collections.

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